Dreambaby® Medicine Syringe

Dreambaby® Medicine Syringe
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Dreambaby® Medicine Syringes are a great way to help the medicine go down during those stressful times when your little one is unwell. 

Contents, features & benefits: 

  • The adapter is designed to fit the neck sizes of variety of medicine bottles.
  • Simple to use and helps make administering medicine accurate and easy.
  • Holds up to 5ml (1 teaspoon). 
  • The unique cone shaped adapter fits into just about any medicine bottle to help ensure your little one gets the correct dose. 
  • Simply insert the syringe into the adapter and draw the required amount. 
  • Makes administering medicine easy, fuss and mess-free.  ü Great for travelling. 
  • Easy to read markings for correct dosage. 

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