NocheNoche Super Single Fitted Sheet

NocheNoche Super Single Fitted Sheet
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100% designed and manufactured in Europe, you can enjoy refreshing sleep on our soft, smooth and breathable natural textiles while never worrying about careless spills or bedwetting. Our revolutionary sheets protect you from nasty bacteria and foul odour, keeping you and your family in good hands.

You will enjoy Tencel comfort and benefits like a smooth and dry surface. Your mattress is protected by our specially engineered waterproof yet breathable underside. Zinc oxide in our bedsheets reduces odours and even helps in regenerating your skin.

Our fitted sheets give you premium soft comfort while protecting your mattress without you even realising it.

The bi-elasticity in our fitted bedsheets ensures smooth, always fitting, rumple-free fit up to 25cm mattress thickness.

Super Single Size (W x L x T) : 107cm x 191cm x 25cm 

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