Cheeky Bon Bon Baby Comfort Bean Bag

Cheeky Bon Bon Baby Comfort Bean Bag
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Baby Bean Bag 5 X 17"

The Baby Comfort Bean Bag offers a soothing touch that provides company,support and a sense of protection to your baby.It is very versatile and fully washable.

Babies respond to mummy's scent and feel reassured when they "smell" mummy.

By leaving the bean bag on mummy and having mummy's scent transferred onto the bean bag over time,it provides baby a sense of protection and bonding,even when mummy is away for short periods of time.

The Baby Comfort Bean Bag provides familiarity for baby- reducting the shock and discomfort experienced when transporting: especially the varying and sudden sounds and harsh lights. It also soothes colicky and uncomfortable babies and even children with special needs.

This special bean bag is designed longer so that you can shift the filling according to requirement.A heavier weight will simulate a mother's hand over baby to comfort while sleeps, or to give assurence with a 'touch' so baby feels protected.

THE BABY BEAN BAG IS SAFE AND DURABLE >>Seams are double-stitched for safety >>Filled with non-toxic polypropylene beads >>Totally washable >>Outer removable cover is 100% Cotton Fabric

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